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We are facing a pet care crisis in BC.

Inadequate access to veterinary care in the number one animal welfare issues in Canada today. Far more animals suffer from a lack of veterinary care than from intentional acts of cruelty and neglect. And British Columbia is no different.

By providing basic veterinary care for pets of our vulnerable neighbours, we are reducing the demand on BC’s animal protection system and supporting people in communities across the province. Most importantly, helping pets of those in need also helps to keep animals with their families and out of the shelter system.

Paws for Hope recognizes the positive effect that pets have on vulnerable individuals, including those people that are homeless. The relationship with their pet is often their only constant source of companionship, and at times can be the one thing that keeps them going. No matter where you live or who are are, we believe that healthy communities include healthy animals.

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Through our Better Together program, we have helped hundreds of pets get food and supplies, and we have provided funding for emergency veterinary care for animals in need. In addition, we continue to hold pet health care clinics in Vancouver’s poorest neighbourhoods, New Westminster, and Surrey.

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Animal Health Clinics

Each year we work with local community agencies, veterinary hospitals and veterinary medical staff to provide free health clinics for the pets of the homeless and those that are low income. Currently, we are authorized by the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia to hold these clinics in Vancouver’s downtown eastside, New Westminster, Langley, Abbotsford and Surrey. We are aware that the need for our clinics is province wide and we aim to continue to expand.

These clinics are part of our ongoing, long-term goal to increase access to veterinary care and to build a sustainable animal welfare system that provides the utmost care for our companion animals in our province. The Better Together program promotes responsible pet guardianship by assisting individuals to get basic veterinary care for their pets. We increase people’s knowledge of the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets, with a goal of getting them to agree to sterilize their pet. By providing the necessary vaccinations, we also provide health benefits to the community at large, by reducing the likelihood of the spread of deadly diseases, such as parvovirus, distemper and rabies. Information on responsible basic care, and pet guardianship, including licensing information, is also made available.

Our animal health clinics are run by our volunteer Animal Health Team. Many of the supplies are donated from veterinary medical supply companies. The clinics are busy days, with many cases requiring follow-up care, such as medications or surgeries. Each pet who requires care beyond what can be treated at the clinic receives the veterinary care needed. Donations to the Better Together help to keep our clinics going, and ensure those pets receive the follow-up care they need.

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Better Together Training Application.

We partner with AnimalKind Accredited dog trainers to provide subsidized training support. AnimalKind trainers use reward-based, positive reinforcement methods that follow science-based standards and are audited by the BC SPCA.

To apply for training assistance, use our online Better Together Training Application form.

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Veterinary Funding Support Application.

Through partnerships with community organizations that serve low-income and homeless individuals and families, we also help to ensure pets get the medical care they need.

To apply for veterinary funding assistance through our Better Together program, use our online Veterinary Funding Support Application form.

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