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Volunteer Position – Volunteer Coordinator

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation
Big things are happening for us at Paws for Hope, and we need top notch people to join us to help improve the lives of animals in BC!

Because our growing organization is almost entirely volunteer run, the Volunteer Coordinator is a key position in making things happen for us. If you love animals, love working with people, and have a commitment to service in your community, this is the perfect opportunity.

Interested candidates can send a cover letter and resume to Kathy,

Job description:

The Volunteer Coordinator will work with the Executive Director to recruit, train and manage volunteers for Paws for Hope’s growing operations. Volunteers will include those with specific expertise and those with a general skill requirement.

Volunteer Recruitment and Training

• Recruit required number of volunteers for programs, campaigns and events.
• Recruit volunteers to commit to one-day, short-term, and long-term volunteer projects (details of the size and scope of these projects will be provided by Executive Director)
• Present Paws for Hope to campus and local community organizations, student groups, faculty, and staff to obtain volunteers, and collaborate on service events (as appropriate)
• Co-facilitate and support training of all volunteers.

Planning and Implementation
• Assist Executive Director and Board of Directors to identify program areas where volunteers are needed, and identify specific roles.
• Work with Executive Director and Board of Directors to plan annual volunteer appreciation event.

Volunteer Management and Tracking
• Review Volunteer Management Policies & Procedures and provide recommendations for revisions (if necessary)
• Ensure volunteers follow policies and procedures
• Establish and regularly update volunteer schedule and list of events
• Communicate regularly with volunteers through check-in phone calls, e-mails,
• and personal appreciations for their efforts
• Document and log volunteer hours in volunteer tracking system and report hours to Executive Director

Evaluation of Volunteer Activities
• Collect and manage feedback from all parties involved in volunteer activities, including volunteers, community partners, donors, board of directors and community members through written reports, testimonials, and verbal comments
• Share feedback with Executive Director to acknowledge strengths, successes and to make improvements for future volunteer activities

Time Commitment
8-15 hours a month

Qualifications and Experience

Dedication to volunteerism and coordinating volunteer activities

• Experience in leadership role
• Experience recruiting, training, managing, and supporting groups of people to address community needs through service projects
• Ability to build relationships and work with volunteers, stakeholders, and community members
• Track record of planning and implementing events
• Love of animals and a desire to make a different in animal welfare


• Strong language and communication skills (written and oral)
• Ability to give presentations to large groups
• Desire to share Paws for Hope’s mission with the community

Commitment to service

• Community service experience
• Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
• Ability to fulfill a yearlong community service commitment
• Enthusiastic and positive attitude toward helping others


• Ability to work well independently and on a team
• Maturity and good judgment in relating to Paws for Hope’s community partners, donors and corporate sponsors
• Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
• Availability, dependability, and willingness to be flexible
• Demonstrated ability to solve problems and think strategically
• Enthusiastic and positive attitude toward helping others

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