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Ready for Adoption!

To apply for adoption, please complete the application.

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1: Earl Grey & Pumpkin

Please note: Earl Grey and Pumpkin must be adopted together.

Earl Grey, Torti female
Ready: Spay, 2 vaccines, deworming complete
DOB: May 25/20
Origin: Dawson Creek

This is Earl Grey, she’s adventurous, brave and a rag doll after an energetic session of play. When she’s not chasing her brother, she loves cuddling with her humans. She’ll visit you when you’re cooking dinner or will assist you when you’re working by laying around your neck. She enjoys chasing ping pong balls and her wand toy. Early Grey adapts to new settings fairly quickly, showing her brother the way. She must be adopted with her brother, Pumpkin.

Pumpkin, Orange Tabby male
Ready: Neutered, 2 vaccines, deworming complete
DOB: May 25/20
Origin: Dawson Creek

Pumpkin enjoys chasing his sister and showing off his incredible jumping skills when playing with the wand toy. Pumpkin loves to build little tents under sheets and will melt in your arms. If you stop petting him, he will remind you to continue! Pumpkin will need some time and encouragement adjusting to his new surroundings as he was quite fearful at first. However, once you gain his trust, he will love you forever. Must be adopted with his sister, Earl Grey.

2: The Q Litter

Quelina (female)
DOB May 17, 2020

Quelina is a gentle kitten that loves to snuggle on anyone’s lap. Running around
underneath blankets and getting belly rubs are some of her favourite daily activities.
Quelina/Miko is known for making delicate eye contact with those who give her attention. Would best be adopted with a sibling, or to a home with another cat to play with.

Quentin (female)
DOB May 17, 2020

Quentin is an energetic, yet independent kitten. She loves to chase and play fight after her siblings, but also doesn’t mind having time to herself to explore. Although, she does Show you when she wants attention by revealing her belly while touching your hand with her paw. So cute!

Quigley (female)
DOB May 17, 2020

In new environments, Quigly is quite shy at first and appreciates occasional attention. After a few days, her energetic personality blooms and begins to show her love for jumping and chasing after ping-pong balls. Quigly loves cuddling and staying near to those she knows well. Would best be adopted with a sibling, alternatively could go to a home with another cat to play with as long as her family was willing to work with her to bring her out of her shell (it’s worth it, I promise!). Quigly also gets along well with the small, calm family dog.

Quinn (male)
DOB May 17, 2020

Quin is a very playful kitten who loves to climb and explore his surroundings. He loves attention, wrestling his siblings, and chasing after anything that catches his eye. Despite his exciting energy, at the end of the day, he definitely loves her naps and cuddles. Would best be adopted with a sibling, or to a home with another cat to play with.

3: Tigger & Honey

Preference will be given to applicants wanting to adopt both kittens as a pair.

DOB May 7, 2020

Tigger is extremely cuddly and loves to jump into laps. Likes to be under blankets snuggling up next to you, or perched on high places.

DOB May 7, 2020

Like Tigger, Honey is very playful and affectionate. She likes be her person and play with her brother!

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